Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fairies in the air!

I have been back to work on some fairies lately and just can't stop! I can tell that Spring is in the air and so are the fairies!

These can be ordered for $8 each. They are made of felt, wire and natural wood beads with wool hair and the option of an acorn hat!

The first picture is my newest batch and they are avaliable for purchase now. I will add other pictures of ones I have made for ideas of ones to order!

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Baby to leave the nest!

I have officially sold a doll! I so enjoy making them but it was so hard to let her go! lol When I saw how happy the lady was with her, and to think of the little girl on the receiving end of it tho it was easy to hand her over. I love the idea that something I've created in my hands can bring someone else so much joy! Now I have orders for two more!

For anyone interested in ordering, the small ones are $50 and made with your choice of colors and fabrics (within reason and when avaliable) and the larger ones are $75. I use USA made products when possible and none of the products used are made in China. When I spend this much time on something I want it done right and I'm not going to cut corners. They are all made with a lot of love! Perfect for your little one to love!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An exciting new endeavor!

My personal blog tends to be a lot about the things I am making but isn't working so well for people that might want to purchase/order my creations so I am going to attempt this new site just for selling my hand made toys! Check back often for new items and please pass my blog onto any friends that might be interested in quality hand made toys for children! I have lots of ideas and even a give-a-way planned....stay tuned!