Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Crowns

Our house has been a flurry of birthdays this last week. With one turning 2 and one turning 5 it has been nothing short of exciting and amazing.

This year, I wanted to do something to make them feel super special so I had a birthday crown waiting for them to put on and wear throughout the day! The crowns went with us to story hour, the grocery store, Pizza Hut and anywhere in between! The girls loved the attention from others and were so proud to tell eveyone their new age!

Since then, we have gone to another birthday party and been invited to a few more and I think I can officially say I am am addicted to these little crowns! So I am going to start offering them on here for special order!

The crowns are made from felt and have an elastic back to let them "grow" with the child for many birthdays to come. I only have pictures of a few but will add more as I get them done. I'm happy to take orders and try new things. Just let me know what you'd like on them!

$12 plus shipping